Hi, I’m Xuan Liu.

UX Designer @Amazon Device and Service Design Group (DDG)

I am passionate about bridging the gaps between design and development. I work on multimodal Alexa device experiences and focus on systematizing design with engineering patterns to make sure design is technically feasible, compatible, and scalable. Before joining Amazon, I worked at Pacific Northwest National Lab to help design and build several internal web tools with my skills in UX design, UX research, and UI engineering.

I believe digital design is more than how things look. It is also about how things work. I think the best way to understand the design’s feasibility is to learn the code behinds the screens. By practicing UI development, I not only get a better understanding of the design patterns and constraints across different platforms, but be able to push the boundaries of prototyping and see designs live.

Besides work, I love cooking and traveling. Cooking is my time to improvise, meditate, and bring friends together. If it is not raining hard in Seattle, you can find me wandering around exploring museums and parks.