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– Android App Design

– Finished prototyping in 10 hours at WINFO Hackathon

– 2016.01


– Led research planning and analyzing

– Led interaction & visual design using Sketch & Principle

– Cooperated with designer & developer to realize an Android App


– Xuan Liu

– Zoe Xiong

– Kyungmin Lee



How to find an interesting event or club at the campus?

There are 800+ student clubs at the University of Washington, but there is no easy access to know who they are and what they do. Students find the clubs and events information from the posters and flyers, but it is usually in a clutter. Although students can refer to the Registered Student Organizations(RSO), the official website managing all student organizations at UW, few clubs update information on this official website. After surveying the UW students, we found that most students rarely know the website of RSO or hardly use it due to its inefficiency.

The survey shows that students prefer to follow those clubs’ public pages on Facebook to get the latest information. But here comes another problem: how can you find the club or event on Facebook when you have never ever known its name? What’s worse, one organization might have multiple social media accounts, making the information on Facebook more scattered.


1. How can the students explore interesting events and clubs in an efficient way?
2. How can the information about clubs and events be more accessible and visible?


I led the design, but I invited the developer, Min, to join our ideation and whiteboard sketching, making our design phase as “co-design”.

The developer always thought out of the box – the designer’s box that contains too many frameworks and assumptions. Thus, with those different perspectives and experience, we could quickly check whether or not a design decision makes sense to a non-designer. What’s more, it’s easier to build reasonable expectations as we could take the technical feasibility into account during the design phase. We were sketching together, incorporating each other’s ideas, pairing on iterations, and figured out how to technically realize all those features.

wireframe of club&club


We utilized Facebook’s API and UW RSO’s data to build an all-in-one platform for UW students to explore clubs and events. The event information is pulled from the clubs’ Facebook page using its API, and the club’s information is pulled from UW RSO official website.

By providing clear categories of different student organizations, we make it easier to search, filter and drill down information, enabling users to find the good fits for their interests in a second. We also provide a feature to browse recent popular events, so no worries about missing the hit ones on campus. Too many exciting ones to decide which ones to join? There is a bookmark feature for you to save all interested ones for later review.

User Flows

user flows